Big Discount for Early Sign-ups for DUFF Summer League!

Once you've digested all that turkey and admired all the fireworks, DUFF League will be right back into it on January 6, 2014.

We're offering a discounted registration rate of $50 to everyone who signs up before January 6.  This is partly because of the two rain-out weeks in the spring season.  The new TopScore registration system is strict, though!  So hurry up and sign up by January 6, as after that rego goes up to $65.

DUFF Monday League is open to all-comers, and is designed to build confidence in new and experienced players alike.  If you've never played Ultimate, we recommend you also come along to the four FREE introductory coaching sessions starting Thursday, January 9.  There, you will learn the basic rules, throws and the best ways of moving around the Ultimate field.  If you can't make those Thursdays, don't stress: every Summer League team has 2-3 "mentor" players who will coach you as you play!

What you get

  • 11 weeks of league on a team with people of all experience levels (including National/Australian representatives)
  • An awesome party at the end of the season where you can have fun with your team and all your new friends!
  • A free Frisbee for people who’ve never played in an Ultimate league before
  • Free beginner-oriented training included on four Thursday nights commencing January 9.  This a new thing for DUFF and we’re excited about it!

It’s $50 for all that if you sign up by January 6.  Bargain!

Sign up here now!


Looking for the old DUFF site?

We've moved (digital) house!  We're now hosted by Ultimate Central, a premier hosting company for Ultimate clubs around the world.  This means big things ahead for DUFF.

You can still visit our old site at

Monday Spring League 2013 results are available here